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Ryka Technological Development Co. (Tosee Fanavaran Ryka Co.) was founded in 2005 and commenced its activities based on authorization of the Supreme Council of Informatics and has been working as a leading company in the area of information technology since its foundation. It has executed various national and great projects in this area.
Motto of the company is "Easy Access to Technology" and its main purpose is to render high quality products and services, on a timely basis. Taking into account its long experience in the area of computer networks, Tosee Fanavaran Ryka Co. considers its successes is resulted from rendering the best services and offering high quality products at proper costs.
Enjoying qualified experts holding international certificates in the area of information technology, this company is able to provide technical information, designing and consultation services, sell equipment, install and operate systems and render support services in the area of computer networks, servers, electricity, UPS and Closed Circuit Television cameras.
Providing suitable services, adhering to the required standards of this industry and relying on specialization of out experts and out considerable 11-year experience in various sections, we could secure a proper place among companies and institutes.




Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)
Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) is a multinational American hardware and software company that offers hardware and software technologies and hardware & software solutions for consumer market and small, medium and large scale companies.
It is the biggest manufacturer of PCs in the world; specialized in production of processing equipment, data storage systems, network equipment, software designing and services.
Main production lines of HP include PCs, working and advances servers, data storage equipment, network equipment and software, especially management & security software and a wide range of printers and other graphic-related equipment.
Upon incorporating with Compaq Company in 2002, HP became the biggest competitor of IBM. Also, HP possessed PAR3 Co., manufacturer of data storage hardware and software, in 2009.
In 2010, HP possessed Arc Sight Co. as provider of the best SIEM Solutions (Security Information and Event Management).
Currently, HP is recognized as the most popular brand in server area and is the first seller of this market, having more than 50% share of server sale market in the world.




EMC Corporation was founded in 1979 by a former manager of Intel Co.
Areas of activities of this company are divided into two groups:
1- EMC Information Infrastructure
2- Infrastructure Virtualization VMware
In fact, the infrastructure virtualization VMware includes all products and services of VMware Company. Taking into account that VMware is possessed by EMC, it is considered in subgroup of products and services of EMC Co.
In information infrastructure section, EMC Co. has offered variety and a wide range of products in the area of data storage equipment and software including EMC VMAX Comprehensive & Advanced Storage Equipment for large scale companies, EMC VNX Advanced Storage Equipment for medium and large scale companies and various and comprehensive products for making backup copies in Enterprise environments (Disk-based).
Quality, facilities and support offered by these products has caused this company to acquire almost 30% of sale market of disk-based storage systems, in a manner that sales volume of these products is twice as much other competitor companies in this area.




Cisco Systems Co. is one of the biggest manufacturers of network and infrastructure equipment in the world which was founded in 1984 for designing, manufacturing and selling IP-based network equipment, communication and IT related equipment and its affiliated services.
This company manufactures products for transferring data, voice and image among buildings and cities all over the world. These products are installed and work in data centers of corporations, public centers, and telecommunication & trade companies.
Having more than 65% of sale market of the world's network equipment, Cisco is recognized as an unrivaled contender of this market. Products of this company may be divided in three levels of large scale and service provider companies, small scale businesses and home users (under Linksys brand).
Range of enterprise products of this corporation include Borderless networks including various categories of routers, switches, wireless systems, security systems, WAN Accelerators, Media-based equipment and also equipment of data center and virtualization in network including Unified Computing, Unified Fabric, Data Center Switching, Data Storage Networking, and Collaboration Equipment such as IP Phone, IP Video and Next Generation Networks.
Also, equipment of lower category in the areas of routing, switching, security, VOIP, etc. are categorized in products of Cisco Small Businesses.




Datwyler Cabling Solution is a premier international manufacturer, having an experience of 100 years in the area of cabling solutions and offering high quality and leading solutions for establishment of data network infrastructures, building automation and electricity. Surprisingly, modern solution are replaced by the old ones. Selection of a correct solution from outset of work is very important and you may elect Datwyler Cabling Solution as a trustable and reliable company.
Datwyler Cabling Solution is a leading company in the area of innovation of the applied solutions like information and communication technology, energy, safety and automation of building that are all provided relying on experience and specialty of it technicians and engineers. Thus, Datwyler Cabling Solution is able to offer a price proportionate to performance and quality.
R&D division of Datwyler Cabling Solution is focused on improving success and safety of your investment. As it is a leasing company in the area of innovation, Datwyler Cabling Solution offers and executes comprehensive solutions for electronic infrastructure of buildings. Also, these solutions are unique in terms of price and performance. Any customer-oriented function is based on many years of experience and proven specialization of engineers and technicians of Datwyler Cabling Solution. Single-reference solutions are offered for those customer-oriented functions that are commenced with an exact consultation which result in updating, training and support that are necessary factors of Datwyler Cabling Solution's services.




Panasonic Corporation is among most pioneer manufacturers of electrical and electronic products for personal, trade and industrials uses all over the world. According to examinations conducted by the credible Forbes Magazine, Panasonic Corporation is in the 79th rank among the first 500 high-income corporations of the world and is considered as a credible company in Japan and the world.
"Ideas for life" is the main motto of Panasonic Corporation. This company that is incorporated by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918 in Osaka, Japan, is the biggest manufacturer of electric appliances in Japan, having more than 300,000 personnel around the world. Until a few years ago, Panasonic products were known and sold under brand of "National".
Panasonic Companies Group is consisted of a global network, including 540 companies, that are all working in an integrated way and 250,292 personnel are engaged therein. Panasonic Corporation manufactures and markets variety of products, under trade name of "Panasonic" and motto of "Ideas for Life", in order to improve and enrich lifestyle of people around the world.
We are looking for a bright and luminous technological future and we will do our best to play a pioneer role in this integrated digital space, applying power of creativity and diligence of its personnel. Panasonic manufactures a variety and comprehensive range of products in world class.




SATEL is a 100% Polish private company that is continuously developing and progressing since commencement of its activities in 1990.
This company is active in the areas of designing, manufacturing and selling of electrical protection systems. Products of the company include control boards, detectors, remote radio controller supervision stations and power supplies. All phases of designing, manufacturing and packing are carried out in Poland.
Hardware and operating system are both developed by the R&D Division of the company. Investment in new technologies stabilizes the company's place in a leading market. Also, capability of identification and meeting of ever-increasing demands of customer play important role in this trend.
Thus, quality is of high importance in SATEL Company and all products should have components like reliability, easy install and operation at all stages of designing through prototyping. All of these components should be examined based on ISO 9001:2008 Standard.



Consultation and Designing

In Projects Attraction Section, the qualified experts of this company examine and expertise the customer's site, visiting project's site and conducting primary examinations on documentations and plans and also using their experience and consultation with technical specialists, in order to prepare and present a suitable technical plan, then the applicant is provided with the suggested plan and price for examination and making the required decision.

Sale and Supply Section

In order to render proper and ordinary services to the customers, activities of this section are divided into following parts:

  • To sell network equipment, either active or passive.
  • To sell networks servers and networks data storage equipment.
  • To sell Access Control and Intelligent Security Solution system equipment.
  • To sell equipment related to security Closed Circuit Television systems ( CCTV) working in network (IP Camera)
  • To sell electrical and UPS equipment.
  • To sell PC,hardware and software parts

Policy-making of sale section is not limited to procuring and selling products to the customer, but it goes further to expertise needs of customers in manner that it would be able to meet future needs of the customers that may be realized by examining demand of the customer, consultation with experts of technical section and offering a proper offer.

Installation and Operation

The company has based its activities on installation and operation as a key and major section of the company, applying specialized and qualified forces who mostly hold international certificates from BICSI, 3M, Hubble, Belden and Cisco and this section responds demands of its customers. With development of IT industry and based on needs of various organizations to this industry, technical team of the company has concentrated its endeavors on rendering suitable services with new products and offering new plans and ideas in compliance with the state-of-art technologies.

Services rendered by this section are as follows:
Execution, installation and implementation of designed projects of Wired and Wireless WAN & LAN Networks and also all of their relevant technologies including VOIP (Voice Over IP), Video Conferencing, Security in various levels of network, network-based security Closed Circuit Televisions Camera (CCTV), Network IP Camera, Building Security and Access Control and Intelligent Security Solution.

Support and Maintenance

Services rendered in this section include implementation, installation and operation of network software, servers and other application software, reparation of network equipment, reparation, maintenance and support of computer networks including support and maintenance of Passive basis of network and/or all equipment and computer of the network, based on request of the customer. Satisfaction of customers of this division has always supported us in our activities.
Other services rendered by this section include provision of guarantee and after-sale-services for products provided to the customers, troubleshooting and repairing of network equipment, UPS and Access Control equipment. In addition to the said services, experts of this section offer applied trainings to each user when required which prevents similar and repetitive problems due to lack of information of the user concerning method of use of the system, and also results in ease and improvement of the network's performance, prohibition from waste of time and costs of the organization, in a long-term perspective.
In addition to the said services, companies that conclude contract with us in this section shall enjoy consultation services of our consultants for optimization and extension of the network or implementation of new technologies and future plans in this area. Other duties of this section include rendering support, troubleshooting and optimization of networks.






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